Education/Artist Training

2000 -2001      Master’s program of Japanese Calligraphy and Japanese Art History, Fukuoka University of Education, Japan


1997-2000       Bachelor in Japanese and Japanese Calligraphy, Fukuoka University of Education, Japan Teaching Certificate of Japanese and Japanese Calligraphy for High school diplomat


2000                  Certified as Master of Japanese Calligraphy


1983-1997        Trained under various Master of Japanese Calligraphy


Grants and Awards

·         Awarded at Tokyo Wonder Wall Art Exhibition, Japan
·         Awarded at  Yomiuri Calligraphy Exhibition
·         Awarded Exhibition of Fukuoka Art Society  (2 times special prize)
·         Awarded Fukuoka Madokapia Art Exhibition



·         Fukuoka Art Society Exhibitions 2000-2012, Fukuoka, Japan
·         Group exhibition ‘Shinka’ Mori-tei (shougun house) 2009
·         Group exhibition gallery ‘Canvas’  2008
·         Shoho with pupils Calligraphy Exhibition, 2004-2009 Fukuoka,Japan


·         Logo design (Enso) of World Rowing Association, consignment to Cravens Ltd
·         Demonstration of Japanese calligraphy at Heal’s event, London


·         Ink Works 2011 (Modern Japanese calligraphy)
·         Ink works 2012 (Modern Japanese calligraphy)
·         Japanese Seal Carving collections 2000-2011
·         Enso series 2011
·         Traditional calligraphy collections
·         Byobu (two-leaf screens)


·         Interview by Japanese TV, Kyodo Communications and Broadcast, London
·         Featured article ‘The Enso of Zen’, magazine “Kindred Spirit”- issue115
·         Film shooting of World Rowing PR film “The Perfect Stroke” at Kew Garden, London- currently available at YouTube.
·         Publishing a serial essay of Japanese calligraphy of history, ‘Shokyo’ magazine, Japan Nov 2012 (No104)

Art Related Employment/Activities

·         Lecturer of Enso of Zen” at UCL Buddhist Society, London
·         Lecturer of Japanese Calligraphy ’Ryokan‘ at Japan Association, London
·         Lecturer of Japanese Calligraphy at Mori-tei (Shogun-house), Japan
·         Organizer of Japanese Calligraphy Event Stall at Japan Matsuri Festival, London
·         Private lessons of Japanese Calligraphy, London
·         Japanese and Japanese Calligraphy Teacher
·         Advisor of Calligraphy Club, coordinator of annual exhibition at Seinan-Jogakuin High School, Fukuoka, Japan

Professional Memberships

·         Administration Officer of the Society of Japanese Calligraphy in Southern Japan
·         Full membership of Fukuoka Art Society


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Born in 1977 in Fukuoka, Japan. I began studying traditional Japanese Calligraphy at the age of 6. My first teacher was my mother who was a master of Japanese traditional Calligraphy and had many pupils. And I had continued studying it from other masters. Then, in 1995, I entered Fukuoka University of Education and then the master course. My major was Japanese Calligraphy. I studied a lot of skills and the spirit of calligraphy. In particular,  I was great at the style of “Ryo-kan” who was a famous monk of Zen.

 After completing the master course, I’d taught Japanese Calligraphy for 11 years at some high schools and culture centres. And I also had produced the group exhibition every year with a hundred of Japanese pupils. At same time I received many awards. My works were used in books, posters, and were housed in schools and Mori-tei (one of shougun’s house) and so on. I am a member of society for the fine arts in Fukuoka and now a jury at the society. Recently, I developed my work which was mixed with modern arts. And in 2009, I won the prize in Tokyo (Tokyo wonder wall 2009).